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Shadow over the Pathoras 1.4 Anniversary Edition

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Shadow over the Pathoras is an epic adventure mod for GZDOOM that takes place in year 1650.


The story takes place in year 1650, when Ferdinand III. sends royal naval officer William Wolf and his assistant to England due to important business. They get caught by a storm on the way, so they decide to anchor next to a nearby island. What they don't know is, that the island is a part of an empire named Pathoras, where 20 years before a tragedy took place when miners found an entrance to hell. Shortly after a 10 years long war happened against "invaders from beneath". Citizens of Pathoras lost the war and a bunch of traitors started to rule the Pathoras. William finds an entrance to an old mine on the shore of the island, but when he enters it, the entrance caves in. Now he must find out, what happened to the country and help the people who still want to fight...


Features :


  • 59 levels spread across 11 hubs
  • A large variety of environments - woods, swamps, mines, deserts...
  • Single player campaign, Coop arena and 12 levels from single player for Deathmatch for up to 8 players
  • 12 weapons - from bare hands, sabre, mace to blunderbuss, axe and sword
  • 2 tools - torch and shield
  • Weapon enchanting
  • 17 kinds of enemies
  • Original puzzles
  • Instructions are packed in the zip



Download : http://www.moddb.com/mods/shadow-over-the-pathoras


Special thanks to : Doomer97, Foulerworm, Jr1616 and Leebigh.














Edited by Kloki38 : Updated to version 1.4

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Bump with a small update.


It´s been a year since the first release of Shadow over the Pathoras. During the year I stumbled upon some graphics resources I did not have access to during the development, discovered some ideas that could improve the mod and received some useful feedback.


So I decided to update the mod one more time and added some previously lacking features and fixed some issues.

The most noticeable feature is an addition of GlDef (opengl) lighting to fire statues of Carastasus,magical projectiles and to blunderbuss (previous versions supported torches only ). Now are the explorations and fights much more atmospheric.


Another big change is a new map06 - Shadow Wood and addition of map81 - The Royal Proving Grounds. I received mixed feedback on map06 due to its narrow design. So during the making of this version I decided to scrap it and made a new one with more open space. The Royal Proving grounds is a DM only area, that can be accesed via map80 - The Fortress. This map used to be part of a now cancelled expansion pack for SOTP, but it will serve it´s purpose in this mod too.


Because the later maps are huge in sizes (Passus, Tereagen) and some players found them a bit confusing at times I added a new map power-up to the biggest maps. This power-up reveals the whole map with all items and monsters. It is usually located in peripheries of the maps.


Now to the weapons. The blunderbuss was reworked to be slightly stronger - now it can kill a lizardman in one hit (compared to 3 in the older versions) and has new "more badass" firing sound, that will alert nearby monsters or players in DM. The battle axe now has an enchanted mode too - it shoots strong ice projectiles with decent firing rate.


The final boss has also been reworked and is now stronger and more challenging (he can shoot magic missiles at long distances and use a sword/shield in close fight).


The last thing are updated golem sprites, addition of signs in towns, bushes and dead tree with leaves from Hexen can be set on fire (good in DM),some sounds have been changed and monster ammo drops have been tweaked as well.

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literally every room in your video and screenshots looked extremely flat


please tell me you fixed that in your update

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@bonnie Everybody has a mapping style of their own. I am not a fan of constant height variations, especially when the combat is almost entirely melee (and almost all monsters in the mod have only melee attacks). Of course, the maps are NOT entirely flat like W3D. For example -  towns are flat outside, but the buildings usually have an upper floor/stairs/elevators etc.  Each town  also has some kind of rampart as a compensation (usually with archers later in the game) which surrounds it and gives players some height advantage later in combat (SP or DM) . One of them is also in the trailer at  0:38 in the background.

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