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Playing with TrenchBroom

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Experimented with actual Quake mapping a couple weeks back. TrenchBroom is pretty awesome for creating brush-work, though I did the compling in JackHammer. Getting back to Doom stuff now, so this probably won't see the light of day for quite some time.

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Everything is already setup for you in Jackhammer. You press F9 and select an option and it works. Whereas in TrenchBroom there are no defaults, so you have have to vaguely know you're doing and setup it up for yourself.


I did eventually manage to setup TrenchBroom to use tyrutils, but by that time I had decided I preferred the lighting I got from q1rad. And while I could get q1rad.exe to work with Jachammer by simply renaming it light.exe and dropping it in Jackhammer's quake folder,  I couldn't get it to work in Trenchbroom, so it was sort the path of least resistance in the end.


I'm sure it's possible to get q1rad to work in TrenchBroom, I'm just basically incompetent.

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That looks cool Urthar. It's been years since I played around with designing Quake maps. I always ended up with a leak or some brush error and never did finish anything I was making.

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