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Faceball 2000

First Person Bystander?

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I've played many games for long, and I'm reminded during this anniversary of the riots in L.A. that I wasn't necessarily in shooting games. I've played many PC and console games, but games that involve violent scenarios involving gunfire might not always have a lasting wanting of warfare (example : games like Contra or even the Faceball 2000, or MIDI Maze as it was originally called, didn't have me lusting for semi-automatic anything). It would probably be only a couple of years after said riots that violent gaming would gain attention, although some violent software might also be hand to hand combat, like Double Dragon or Mortal Kombat. It might be that gamers each have their own taste of what genre they like (I've always been interested in action and RPG games), and news events might be serious and, well, I guess they shouldn't get to us psychologically, either.

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I had to read this twice to understand what you're trying to say. It seems as though this is a response to something of which I'm not aware of. But the context it sounds like an anecdote that you're not particularly interested in violent shooting games but still believe video game violence does not correlate real life violence.


I think its known that if you took a non-anonymous poll here, you couldn't get one person to say they are pro-rioting here.

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