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[Doom2] Short Maps for Short People

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01: I got stuck because the yellow key door can only be opened once.

02: The layout is very symmetrical, and a lot of the gameplay is tedious clearance with the SSG (particularly those two turret viles at the beginning).

03: Gameplay is 90% holding down fire with the chaingun against non-threatening imps.

04: A tiny map that I exited with 100% kills in 1:07, basically all plasma rifle against arachnotrons and not much else. Best map yet however because it's both functional and devoid of tedium. 

05: Single shotgun combat against blocks of monsters in a room-door-room layout. 

06: Chainsawing eight pain elementals and an archvile.


I think I have to quit here because this is all way too half-baked, even for a set of speedmaps, and nothing has been enjoyable. Apart from a few traps, 'scenarios' seem to be nonexistent; placement is mostly monsters deposited in a room, often behind a chokepoint. Best of luck with the project. 


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