This is one of my first TC's for Doom. You play as an unnamed H.E.C.U. Marine PVT. Your Helicopter crashes in the Black Mesa storage holds late in the Resonance Cascade. the security guards know what your buddy's have done and they don't act kindly towards grunts like you. Avoid them or shoot em in the face. Oh and along with those guys you also end up fighting the aliens from xen, headcrab zombies and some of those black ops guys who have been sent in to do the dirty work after you *the grunts* messed up.     Yes this wad is short but its also unfinished i will be posting some updates when i feel like it.  The wad uses some midi music conversions of half life and half life 2 tracks.!axMBWSQA!_8vXlui5XTIhoScvcNQ2E-KmayNkz3h_JG5V3QTKFFA