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Interlock [v1.01]

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Map Name: "Interlock"
IWAD: Doom 2
Engine: PrBoom+/Boom (-complevel 9)
Description:  First attempt at a map with an emphasis on a pressure-inducing layout.

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7f9aciqdiaumu47/intrlock.zip


This is basically me testing myself with a new and more common mapping style trying to avoid a common "room-and-hallway" layout.  I started off using Jimmy's Joy Of Mapping steps he provides during his sessions to see what kind of result I could produce.  Perhaps given more time and practice and training myself to be more comfortable and confident with my output, I may be able to complete maps within a reasonable amount of time.


Edit:  Link updated with major texture lump issue fix.  Also changed from limit-removing to Boom -complevel 9.

Edited by Psyrus

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Good classical work with variable difficulty. In the beginning, I survived only accidentally. The combination of dark metal and green bricks always gives a good result in the visual plan. Standard textures are well complemented by new ones. During the passage, I died only once, without reacting in time. The fact that at the early stage of the level can be extended berserk-pack, I find a good solution. At the first attempt I did not find any secrets. Later I'll run it again.


Doom_Font_Green_Arrow.png  First Demo Attempt 6 mins, GZDoom 2.4.0


In my collection:


Blue_3_5.png - Visuals (3 / 5)
Blue_3_5.png - Detailing (3 / 5)
Blue_3_5.png - Gameplay (3 / 5)
Blue_3_5.png - Atmosphere (3 / 5)
Orange_3_5.png - Difficulty (3 / 5)


Green_3_5.png - Overall Rating (3 / 5)


Edited by StormCatcher.77 : I think, detailing here, still higher than in the classic Doom \ Doom 2 ...

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This is broken in limit-removing ports. After the YK pickup and the stairs are built, linedef 436 fails to lower the floor as intended, and that's where the map stops working. It doesn't seem like the textures were added to the wad properly either, as in prBoom+ there is a 'SKY3 not found' error and it needs cc4-tex.wad to be loaded alongside it to work. In limit-removing (and Boom) ports, use actions are blocked by active triggers that are too close to them, so in the drop-off to the area with the SSG, you can't use the lift on the side that you didn't drop off from, because a W1 Floor Raise action is in the way. The map is functional, at least, in -complevel 9.


For future reference:


On 4/28/2017 at 5:33 AM, scifista42 said:

If you want to make a vanilla compatible map, you should always test it in the original vanilla executable or in Chocolate Doom.

If you want to make a limit-removing compatible map, you should always test it in PrBoom-plus with parameter -complevel 2.

If you want to make a Boom compatible map, you should always test it in PrBoom-plus with parameter -complevel 9.

If you want to make a source-port-specific map, you should always test it in the respective specific source port.


Gameplay feedback, probably not useful: 



The layout is very competently designed, but the gameplay itself wasn't really my cup of tea. The pressure was quite low, but the map also isn't very suitable to aggressive 'power trip' type play, as it might be with an early SSG for example, so it felt quite dry. (Two notable exceptions to that dryness were the barrels and I guess 'ignoring' the pinkies outside and trying to use stray rev rockets to kill them, not really necessary but amusing.) Later on, there seemed to be an abundance of monsters placed in a way to make them tedious to kill, which were easily just ignored instead. The archvile was the one monster in the map that felt like it could do something, at least at first, but it was hamstrung by its elevated position (as was the hell knight and spectres and imps after the yellow key, for that matter). It seems like the map is holding back. The thing placement is very 'clinical'. Anyway, here's a playthrough vid.


Edited by rdwpa

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@rdwpa Very good to know.  Looks like I was still a bit hasty to release it.


Edit:  It turns out the map is in Boom format, and I'm using a Boom action on linedef 436, so that's on me.  I appropriately changed the compat requirements.

Edited by Psyrus

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