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Duke It Out In D.C. MIDI Pack

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If you've recently been hankering for some new Jimmidis (and I admit my output has withered down to a trickle lately), then no worries, I gotcha covered.


Waaaay back in 2013, NightFright contacted me about writing stuff for the Duke Nukem 3D addon "Duke It Out In D.C.", which I was happy to do. The amount of time that has elapsed since that initial proposition has been largely down to my uni commitments, Square, and other big projects getting in the way of me really knuckling down and taking some time to study the works of Lee Jackson, Bobby Prince, and Jenna Ramsey (Duke: Caribbean, The Gate) in order to create a brand new soundtrack for DukeDC that did justice to not just the maps but those original composers too. I had a good chunk of time over the last Christmas season so that's when most of this project was knocked out, although a good portion of the material in this pack does date back to 2013-2014.


The resultant 12 tracks I wrote are now part of the Duke DC Music Pack 2.0, which features the original looping MIDIs plus OGG renders with added metadata. This will require EDuke32 to run, and of course it is recommended that you play them with the Duke It Out In D.C. expansion (dukedc.grp) loaded.


Of course you can extract the MIDI/OGG files yourself and listen to them out of context, that also works. :P And yes, these are free to re-use in your own projects.


You can read a lot more in-depth stuff about the project's (long-winded) gestation in the readme for this project.


Get the album:


Download the Duke DC Music Pack 2.0:

Duke4.net | Dropbox | Mega (102MB)

Get EDuke32 - required to hear the tracks in-game


Download the MIDIs on their own:
jamespaddockmusic.com | Dropbox (45KB)

See individual files


There's also a handy YouTube playlist so you can stream the tracks right the heck now.

(Note: The YouTube version of the tracks are rendered in just the Arachno soundfont - the versions in the download may sound slightly different as I did some additional mixing on them.)




Track Listing:

  1. The Bar-Strangled Spanner (Title) - 4:16
  2. Liberty or Duke - 1:51
  3. Samurai Pizzicato - 2:42
  4. Unknown Data - 3:20
  5. Night Watch - 3:50
  6. Burning Flag - 2:25
  7. Sneak Peek - 2:41
  8. Sluice Gate - 4:11
  9. Wrecked 'Em - 3:24
  10. One Bad Dude - 2:38
  11. A Secret Place - 3:34
  12. Roads to Nowhere (Bonus) - 3:10


Here's the blurb on the Duke4.net site which goes into a bit more detail.



At long last, the Duke DC Music Pack v2.0 has arrived!

What you get with this is nothing less than a completely new soundtrack for Duke It Out In D.C. with original music, composed by James "Jimmy" Paddock. This creative guy has already shown his qualities as a composer in many Doom community projects (including standalone efforts such as his "Harmony" MIDI Pack), and this debut contribution of his for a Duke3D-related game is a remarkable event that deserves acknowledgement.

Initially, I had already proposed this project to Jimmy back in 2013 (free of charge back then), but it got delayed and did not really kick off before 2016 when it turned into a commission. Until January 2017, I have worked closely with Jimmy to give him ideas about the addon levels and which atmosphere I wished to be conveyed with the music. For digitizing the MIDI files (included in the music pack and usable ingame if two lines in duke3d.def inside of the zipfile are edited), we decided to use Maxime Abbey's Arachno Soundfont for best overall quality. In my opinion, the result is absolutely fantastic. For the first time, the DukeDC levels get their own, individual tracks and feel better than ever when you play them!

Maybe some of you who were using previous versions of my music pack (featuring selected music from various artists) may have problems getting used to the different approach at first, but I am absolutely convinced you will quickly learn to love it just as much as I do!

You may download the new DukeDC Music Pack right away in the Download section or listen to the tracks on Youtube first if you are curious.

All that's left to mention is that it was a great pleasure for me to work with Jimmy. Thank you so much for this amazing effort, pal!




I seriously hope folks enjoy! Cheers.



Edited by Jimmy

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For those that opened this thread earlier when I made it, the MIDIs on their own are now available to grab - see above post.

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