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Mario Kart 8 DX

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So, what do you think of it? Personally, as I know what a campfest the original MK8 Battle mode can be, I'm super excited for this game. When I heard Bob-omb Blast was going to be included, I was overjoyed (I've only ever played it once, on DD at a friend's house a week back)!


My only gripes are:

-No Block Fort :c

-No Block City (which would suit the return of Bob-omb Blast - if it was like the unused DS version, it would be even better)

-Guess I'm just a sucker for the 'Block' theme

-In Bob-omb Blast, your Bob-ombs don't visually stack up to towering piles. Tiny detail, but I just loved the manic party-like atmosphere it created.


As for the Tracks themselves, I like the look of them all. Maybe they're not as abstract as past entries, but that's not a bad thing either.


What are your thoughts?

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It's Mario Kart™.


Bur srsly, it's fun... the definitive Mario Kart experience, even. Plenty of tracks, characters, and game modes galore. I think the Nintendo Switch needed a game like this to really sell some of its core gimmicks for me. The ability to connect multiple Switch units together to play with a large group away from home is  seamless and works incredibly well. Excited for other multiplayer-focused games like Splatoon 2 to come out for this thing.


Where's my Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch?

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it pisses me off because i really want it, but i don't have enough money for a switch :(


despite that, it really makes me happy at the same time, because i really want the switch to be successful - which its turning out to be so!

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Huge fan of the series overall, but I wasn't so big on Mario Kart 8 honestly. This does look like an improvement overall, I'll probably get it in a year or something once the Switch comes down in price.

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I played mostly Mario related games on both my past Gameboys, DS's, Gamecube and Wii, I loved the Mario Kart series so far and Double Dash was my favorite overall, I had great times playing that game.


I was holding off on buying the Wii U but I may as well get a Switch and this game eventually.

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Speaking of double dash, I love that they're bringing back the 2 weapons/power-ups and arenas for battle mode! Not that arenas were exclusive to dd and I don't really understand why they did away with the arenas in the first place.. Will definitely be picking this up next weekend :D

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