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Colored fog/lightning?

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I wonder if there is any way to have a specific sector or a entire map's lightning/fog be tinted with some color? Specifically with my case, I want to experiment with the lighter shades of blue.


If the question above provided unneccesary confusion, consider this one. Can it, and if it can, how can someone add a tint of color to the player's perspective? Like, a player passes through a corridor, and his shotgun turns blueish and everything else in that sector, and once he gets out, he sees a red-ish shotgun and when he gets out of that, his shotgun reverts to normal.


Refer to this picture below should my question STILL provide confusion.





I CANNOT get any more clear than this (unless I plan on making a video, which I am not)

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Are you talking about sector lights?It's quite easy in udmf format. Choose sector and in "color" section give colour whatever you like. Also for fog effect you can choose "fade" in same "color" section.
Like this:

Edited by MysteriousHaruko : More explanation

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