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How can I reference a spawned monster in a later script.


Script 1 spawns monster and gives it a newtid.


Script 2 makes new monster drop an item when it is killed.


Which Script Type should Script 2 be? KILL?


I put a gameinfo definition in my zmapinfo, and put forcekillscripts equal to one, but I'm not sure if I did it correctly.


Map {}

GameInfo {} 



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For script 2 I'd probably give it another new TID and then do a ThingCount and then do a spawn action for your item on the same new TID (i.e. the monster's corpse).



script 1 (void)
	Thing_SpawnFacing(1, T_IMP, 0, 255);
	While(ThingCount(T_NONE, 255) > 0) Delay(10);
	Thing_SpawnFacing(255, T_BLUEKEYCARD, 1, 0);


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