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Can a map intermission screen be added to Episode 4?

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I'm very new to editing, so I would assume this far beyond my capabilities right now. But if I was to eventually get around to doing an Episode 4 set of maps, one of the things I would like to do is add in a map screen similar to the first three episodes.

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In vanilla (and boom) doom no, you can't, since it uses a graphic intermission like in Doom 2 (INTERPIC), but with zdoom compatible i know it's possible to do a similar thing with mapinfo and creating new textures, i've played some year ago a little mod that adds a intermission screen like the other 3 episodes for episode 4, not sure how it could be done...

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It is easy if you just want a pic.  However putting in the blood splat and location stuff requires some skill that is way beyond me.

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