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First Doom2 map

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Map format: Doom format

Tested with: Crispy Doom 4.0

Compatible with: Boom, Boom+, ZDoom, GZDoom


I tried adding some difficulty settings, but gave up quickly because I still have no idea on what feels right, after playing Doom2 and a few pwads. And I usually like a more "relaxed" play.

I might redo this however if people find it interesting to play.


After all I'm quite pleased with it and I learned a few things by creating it, like my next map will be mostly 64 grid as it's easier to work with.


Fun fact: this was entirely done on a Raspberry Pi 3 using Eureka.

Have fun.


Download: torekk.7z

Edited by torekk

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Here's a complevel 9 FDA: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a7h7hpq8b0e6r90/torekk_fda_benjogami.lmp?dl=1


Fun, clean map. Notes:


1. I think the fringe in the sewer area should be lower so that it's less bouncy and annoying to pickup the shotguns, etc.


2. Very flat and door-heavy, which are common features of beginner maps. I suggest experimenting with different ways of getting the player into new areas, so that there's less "open door, shoot stuff, enter room" type gameplay. Also, changing floor heights and making the player use stairs and lifts can be good ways to control monster movement and how fights play out.


3. The fight with the chaingunners and imps that come out of the closets was my favorite.


4. I didn't find any secrets, so maybe there were more cells, but the plasma rifle doesn't do much in that last fight with only 40 cells. I think a rocket launcher and something like 5 rockets would be more fun for that kind of fight.


5. The last fight is cool, but can be exited early quite trivially. Going back to point #2, something simple like the below screenshot, for example, would keep some of the monsters from bunching up in the middle, and would make it more dangerous for the player to go straight for the exit. You'd also need a way to keep the player from fighting through the red door, which I didn't show here. :)



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Benjogami covered lots of important stuff, so just a very brief note from me: given that a lot of the monsters are fought head-on through doors, and there is sometimes a lot of meat behind those doors, it's a big problem that there is no SSG or RL freely available early. Giving away those power weapons would not trivialize the action, because it's very easy as is, it'd just make it more dynamic and satisfying. The player might be more inclined to take the initiative to charge directly into rooms, and then the map would be more fun than the layout would suggest. 


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Thanks for the feedback.


As for that fringe: A while I didn't include that suit, so you'd have to "watch your step", but figured it may not be as fun to others.


The 2. and 5. thing Benjogami & what rdwpa said is kinda what I meant with I still don't know what feels right, however as for 5.: I already got some ideas for my next map(like having more monsters "spawn" in, either from monster closets or per teleport.


And 4.: I added a few secrets, however some may be hard to find out. There are 3 "semi-secrets" in the sewers(kinda obvious, don't count as secrets to the automap), 1 in the computer room after the tunnel with the cacodemons inside, another one in the warehouse and there's a secret room in the start area. I tried to hint the player with the candle thing, but I may should write that into the textfile as well the next time.

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