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Despairity, a shoddy void-themed wad. (This name sucks too!) [Cancelled]

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Required GZDoom and cc4tex. may require bright sector lighting


credits are variable; blueshadow for the skull orbs, drdoctor for some textures, some wad on idgames for blue cacos, music is from necrovision


many thanks to the few playtesters, albertoni being one of them.


balance is very skewed. was one of the last things left to do but I've grown tired of working on this map.


pickings at include: maevolent horizon/void/shrooms/etc. most of my inspiration pulls from other doom maps; this one was mostly a thought of one of my detail hallways seen in "muh first map", anomalous properties


despair for it is the map of days.png

Edited by SArais

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Just posting to update the status. It's not being updated anymore. Cancelled, like every other map I have.


Thanks for the aid for those who have helped with it thus far.

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