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How to make a Puzzle

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Well said! I think you've put into words the reasons that I like some "puzzley" WADs (like Memento Mori or Cyberdreams) and not others (like Eternal Doom). It's obvious you've put a significant amount of thought into this topic.

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Great article.   What would be some of your favorite puzzles, 40oz?  (or anyone for that matter)?


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22 hours ago, joepallai said:

What would be some of your favorite puzzles

Unaligned's E3M1 and the entirety of Cyberdreams. Grove.wad is also... Interesting, in a Sky May Be way, but holy hell it's laggy even nowadays.

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Another great one is map15 of thtthren.wad


The map exists as if Hexen itself was a Doom level and wanted you to beat it, but no, you have to work for the reward. Author of map15: didy

edit: make sure to give yourself some ammo it is a didy map so gird yourself with 40 shells + plasma rifle before you start, in order to reach a comfortable play-through

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