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ZDS #505 - Doom2 Time-run

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Hello Doomworld community!
This time it is all about time. We all know Doom2 very well, so
beating it on UV difficulty is not a challenge anymore.

Therefore, in this ZDS for each map we will have a certain amount of time
to beat it. If nobody reaches the exit in time a script will kill
everybody and the map restarts.

There are 3 difficulty settings ranging from hardcore speedrun
times to more casual time limits. If the harder settings are
too difficult we will change to easier time sets.

Survival 1 life and always pistol start.


Original post with date, wads etc.:


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There's some action of the event from my perspective. I have the whole thing captured (in separate files D:), but not sure if I should upload it all :D It's just raw material, so I might go afk for a while and watch a wall etc silly things :P


Oh, and here you see my cheaty little quick start too ;P



Ok, I uploaded rest of the files (parts 2-7). They are hidden but found in the Part1 description.

Edited by Looper

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awesome looper, this shows a lot how teamwork (i.e. map07) and teamblock (i.e. map02) was part of this ZDS :D. I was planning to do a video of new records. Furthermore I will upload here the record demos in the next week.


I.e. in map02 one can see how fast you join, how is that possible? Whenever I joined you were usually out of sight already :O.

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The 'quick' start works this way in Zdaemon:


Options -> Display options -> Screen wipe style: None


Ta-daa! Now you don't have to wait for the wipe screen effect, and you get unfair 1 second headstart to take all the items before anyone else not using this setting.

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going through the demos I have found 2 time improvements:


map10 uv speed in 0:35

map17 uv speed in 1:43


demos here since I could not upload it into the attachment:


you can play it back with zdaemon 1.09 or higher with the additional wads:



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