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GZDoom 3.0.0 Issues

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OS: Ubuntu 17.04, 64 bit (amd64)

OpenGL Version: 2.1 Mesa 17.0.3


Something is wrong. When running GZDoom 3.0.0 with dynamic lighting, I get these...visual bugs? No idea what they are, or why they're here.


Screen-shots (3)


First screen-shot shows a (Would be) moving wall, part of the secret hallway in Doom's E1M1. It's texture seems to be extremely jagged, and extremely jacked.


Second screen-shot shows a sprite, and it's lighting effect. Also jagged and jacked. Every single sprite and effect in the game shares that bug. (If you don't notice anything zoom in on the sprite and it's effect)


Third screen-shot shows blood, and bullet-hole decals on a surface. (As you can see on the lower decals) These decals jitter when approached while appearing/disappearing.


These bugs are consistent. For example, while running Brutal Doom, the blood splat decals, item/environment/actor sprites, effects, and walls (Transparent, moving, etc) are also jittery, jagged...and jacked. All of them. Please...HELP

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