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HeXen 2 - Shadows of Chaos demo OUT NOW!!!!

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Bloodshot12 - my brother - has released a sizeable demo of a new mission pack for Hexen 2:



Hexen II - Shadows of Chaos is a mod/mini mission pack for Hexen 2, melding elements of Heretic and Hexen 1 into the newer title. Based on a heavily modified version of the excellent game of tomes mod, it features revamped classes, alternate fires based on your player level, new maps and enemies, and much more brutal gore to bring it closer to Hexen 1 in tone. Experience Hexen 2 with new twists, puzzles, and full coop support on large maps thanks to spike's addition of BSP2 support! 

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Not to downplay the mod but I've never heard of Game of Tomes until today and it sounds like it fixes my main gripes with Hexen II: the stiff combat, unpredictable enemies and lack of enemies, the wack mana balance, and the underwhelming level up system.

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