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[GZDOOM 3.0.0] Mod without automap HUD [Solved]

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Hi, I created a wad in order to hide the automap HUD in order to play completely without HUD.


I created these:



gameinfo { statusbar = "sbarinfo/doom.txt" }


And a SBARINFO containing all lines from sbarinfo/doom.txt with this add:

height 0 ; statusbar automap {} 


The automap HUD is gone, that's great, but the automap text has turned gold instead of red.


How do I get it back to normal, please?

Edited by Thenuke : Resolved

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I know I'm pretty being pretty unhelpful in saying this, but JUST to be 100% CERTAIN: did you check the options to see if the text is still set to red? I don't know if there is a specific option for the automap, but I'm sure one of those options affects the automap.

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Seems to be an issue with SBARINFO in general. Graf Zahl wrote this after I reported it over at the ZDoom forums:



That's because the color change to red is only done when using the Doom status bar. The SBARINFO version falls back to the default which is yellow because it was missing the check. Will fix.


Fixed in g3.0pre-113-g5bbf173 or later.


BTW: You don't need the MAPINFO part for this modification. SBARINFO with this code is enough:

base Doom;
height 0;
statusbar automap {}


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