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The Doomed Anthology

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-Basis - (Plot/Events/Story/Levels)

-Protagonist(s) other than Doomguy.


-Short Summary

-Full 'Story'  (The spoilers are already there, but none of them are filled in yet.)

TDA-1:  Doom


-Ultimate Doom

-Phobos, Deimos, Hell, Earth?

-The original; the UAC are screwing around with portals on Mars' moons, hell invades, enter Doomguy.




TDA-2:  Hell on Earth


-Doom II: Hell on Earth

-Starport, Demonic Outpost, City, Hell

-Doomguy's second outing; Hell invaded the Earth while you were busy up in space, now show them the error of their ways.




TDA-3:  No Rest for the Living


-Master Levels for Doom II / No Rest for the Living

-Forest, Desert, Jungle, Arctic, Ocean

-First OC installment; Hell isn't taking any chances this time and opened four portals across the globe to invade Earth.




TDA-4:  Evilution


-Final Doom: TNT Evilution

-Io, Hellship, Corrupted Base, Hell

-The UAC is at it again, this time on Jupiter's moon, Io.  However, they were smart enough to put Doomguy in charge of defense & security.  Portals are opened, demons are slaughtered, & research continues without incident.  Things go south when the yearly supply ship arrives earlier then expected.




TDA-5:  Plutonia Experiment


-Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment

-Europa, Hell

-For once the UAC weren't taking any chances, while the base on Io researched Portal technology, bases on three of Jupiter's other moons worked on ways to close interdimensional gates from a distance.  The Quantum Accelerator experiments on Europa manage to seal several hellgates before the base is overrun.




TDA-6:  Urania Operation


-The Community Chest Project

-Ganymede, Hell

-Operations on Ganymede don't last much longer than those on Europa.  The Black Holes generated to consume hellgates do their job splendidly, for a time.




TDA-7:  Thoria Venture


-Community Chest 2

-Callisto, Hell

-Io had portals, Europa accelerators, & Ganymede black holes.  Scientists stationed on Callisto decided their time should be spent on ventures into much more explosive means of demonic genocide ; Anti-Matter.




TDA-8:  Human-Demon War


-Plutonia 2

-exUAC Colony, UAAF Compound, Amazon Jungle, Hell

-After slaughtering demons on the moons of Jupiter Doomguy helps form the Union Aerospace Armed Forces to defend the humanity from the forces of hell.  As you can imagine, things go downhill from here.




TDA-9:  Descent into Madness


-Community Chest 3

-Reality?  Nightmares?  Cyberspace?  Hell?

-Following the end of the H-D War, the powers that be fear what Doomguy might do next.




TDA-10:  Absolution x64


-Doom 64

-Phobos, Deimos, Hell

--The Past:  After Hell's first failed invasion of Earth, the UAC base on Phobos was sealed, and an outpost constructed to monitor it.

--Far Away:  Having regained his sanity, Doomguy spends his days coping with the memories, nightmares, & visions.....so many demons; relentless, pouring through.

--The Present:  Something stirs in the old base.  Sensors in the nearby outpost go berserk.  Commission reinstated, orders clear, MERCILESS EXTERMINATION.




TDA-11:  Annihilation


-Doom Movie Lore / Doom 3 Lore

-Super-Human Humanoid-Alien (SHHA)


-Long before the dawn of Man on Earth, a race of humanoids made their home on the planet of Mars.  They too fought the denizens of hell; with might & magic, technology & tenacity.  This ancient war accumulated into the creation of two most terrifying artifacts, the alien's cube, & the demon's stone.




TDA-12:  ^3 Corruption


-Doom 3The Lost Mission / Resurrection of Evil

-Younger Brother / Older Brother

-Mars, Ruins, Hell

-D3-YB Searches for OB within the ranks of the Marines and finds himself headed for Mars.

-TLM-OB awakens some time after YB seals the hellgate, tasked with shutting down an experimental, long-range teleporter.

-RoE-OB oversees security at the Mars facility two years after the previous incidents.  Shit hits the fan when they uncover a hidden chamber deep in the ruins.




TDA-13:  Heretic Vengeance


-Heretic / Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders

-Doomguy / Corvus

-Damned City, Hell's Maw, D'Sparil Dome, Ossuary, Stagnant Demesne, Fate's Path

-Slaughtering demons in hell leads Doomguy to many bizarre and baffling places.  One of these is the realm of Naver, beset by a being known as D'Sparil, who reeks of demonic taint.  Stripped of the use of most of his weapons, Doomguy must learn to survive in this land ruled by magic instead of machine.




TDA-14:  Purification of Parthoris


-Heretic II

-Doomguy / Corvus

-Silverspring, Darkmire Swamps, Andoria, Kell Mountains, K’Chekrik, Ogle Mines, Cloud Fortress

-They never play fair; cursed to wander the Outer Worlds upon D'Sparil's death, Doomguy & Corvus carve a path of slaughter through all who would stand in their way of returning to Parthoris.  When they do finally manage such a feat, they find the world, and soon themselves, under the effects of a magical plague.  The one who cast it is going to die.




TDA-15:  Hexen and the Dark Citadel


-Hexen: Beyond Heretic / Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel

-Doomguy / Older Brother / Younger Brother / Baratus / Parias / Daedolon

-Winnowing Hall, Seven Portals, Shadow Wood, Heresiarch’s Seminary, Castle Of Grief, Necropolis, Dark Crucible, Blight, Constable’s Gate, Nave, Transit

-After helping Corvus return peace to Parthoris, Doomguy moves on in search of the other Serpent Riders, unknowingly drawn to their demonic influence.  Along the way he comes across two marines fighting for their lives in the planes of hell.  Together they stumble across the realm known as Cronos, beset by the hordes of hell.




TDA-16:  The Thyrion Quests


-Doom 2016 Lore / Hexen II / Hexen II: Portal of Praevus

-Doomguy / Older Brother / Younger Brother / SHHA / Crusader / Paladin / Assasin / Necromancer / Demoness

-Blackmarsh, Mazaera, Thysis, Septiums, Tulku

-With Korax dead & Cronos saved, the three marines dive back into hell to continue their war against the demons.  They come across the Blood Temple in their search, free the ancient warrior trapped within, and step into the realm of Eedeya, where both Doomguy & SHHA sense the last Serpent Rider.




TDA-17:  End of an Era



-Doomguy / Older Brother / Younger Brother / SHHA / Mercenary

-Tarnhill, Borderlands, Order Commons

-One last time do our demon slaughtering marines step back into hell in search of greater evils to hunt.  Their path leads them to a world were machine & magic collide, Efrits.  Here hell sought to conquer through influence instead of slaughter.




TDA-18:  Broken Rampage


-TDA13-17 / Plutonia: Revisited Community Project


-Efrits, Eedeya, Cronos, Naver, Hell

-Having saved Tarnhill, and the whole of Efrits from demonic taint, Doomguy and company decide to settle down for once.  Using their knowledge and the resources at their disposal, they created connections between the worlds they'd saved.  Doomguy made his home in Efrits, SHHA in Eedeya, OD in Cronos, and YD in Naver.  Like all things their peace would not last.  This time, hell sought to corrupt the very beings that had thwarted them over and over again.




TDA-19:  Resurrection of a Legend


-Doom (2016)


-UAC Facility, Hell

-Will type out own words later, though not too much different than canon.




TDA-20:  Road to Retribution


-Will type up later, need sleep.





Again, after I get some sleep, I'll list out the weapons, mechanics, and other fun stuff I've come up with over the past like, 4 years for this thing.  Just been up too long as it is right now.


Also, to any of you that can figure out what comes next based on the lore from the various games referenced, the 'chapter' names, and what little story I've painted in the summaries, kudos to you.  Seriously though, if only I was a writer.  Night.

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