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"Compound 101", single player map and cooperative version

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The primary mission for this SnapMap is the defeat the buffed bosses (3 of them at the same time).  However, you have to search for keys and weapons to succeed.  I wanted to give an 'old school' feel to it.  I wish I could have given more details (props) on this snapmap but I have reached my limit just a little over 99.23%!  I was focusing on the layout of the map more.  The weapons and armors do not have 'bob and rotate' on which makes them a little harder to retrieve.  However, I have noticed this causes 'crashes' for people on cooperative multiplayer mentioned on a thread here on the forum.  So I made an alternative cooperative mode (see below) if interesting going for round with another player.  Please read the video description for Coop for additional details about the spawning issue.


Title:  "Compound 101"

Code:  9N49WRAM

Spoilers Alert!  Video: 



Title:  Compound 101 (Coop Mode)

Code:  3CLE7XTQ

Spoilers Alert!  Video: 


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