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I am working on the MBF flags (TOUCHY, BOUNCES, FRIEND).

In MBF they are in flags, but those bits are already used in DoomLegacy.  Specifically there are more translate bits in DoomLegacy than MBF.  There is also another flag there specific to DoomLegacy.


I have no problem with BEX that use TOUCHY, BOUNCES, FRIEND keywords.   Any DEH that assigned numeric to the flags is going to be a problem.


I have looked at moving the translate bits to a new flags, giving DoomLegacy 6 bits of translate color.  Looked fine for a while, and I might get it to work reasonably.



1.  Are there many wads out there that assign numerically to flags, and are Boom or MBF ?


2.  Are there any wads out there that assign to the color translate flags ?


3.  Why is there this complicated support mechanism in DEH to assign the TRANSLATE bits one at a time and is there ANY reason to maintain it, such as some wads that use it ?




Edit: Did many MBF wads do anything like: FLAGS = 0x4472 thus setting the FRIEND flag along with a bunch of others. Edited by wesleyjohnson : Add example:

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1. There are WADs out there that assign these flags, but they do so in DEHACKED. You should intercept and remap these conflicts when you process the DEHACKED patch, like ZDoom does. The BOUNCES flag packs a lot of different semantics depending on flag combinations.


2. I'm not actually aware of any, but I have seen them mentioned as a possible way to get more sprites for dehacked (see this).


3. Dunno.


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