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A Fistful of Chicken Wings (Remastered)

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This is my map from Eagle Speed Session #2, but I've put more work into it. It's mostly the same, but I placed new monsters and honed in on the gameplay. I think people will find more enjoyable and challenging.




Doom II - prBoom+

Music credits: Stewboy's, "window.mid" from, Valiant's MAP03

Difficulty Settings: Yes, but not tested.

Total Time: 6.5 hours

Edited by everennui

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Not bad, though you use the small red brick texture way too much throughout the map and that archvile trap at the end makes the map unbeatable if they start reviving the barons and hellknights.  Maybe you should add more rocket ammo before the blue key door so you can battle some of the demons.  I personally had to try to run past all the monsters and hit the exit switch because I had 0 ammo for all weapons and had a room full of barons and hellknights with 2 archviles.


Other than that the difficulty is pretty good for such a small map.

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