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Da Werecat

DNPM 2: Hdll no Earti

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I realized that trying to hijack Jimmy's thread was not nice, so I'm gonna move here and hope that he took it as a compliment. An excerpt from the text file:



This is a graphical modification that adds much needed artistry to the acclaimed id Software hit Doom 2: Hell on Earth. It does so by subjecting the game's graphical assets to the no less famous JPEG compression algorithm, adding in depth and fidelity or, at the very least, offering a new view of the beloved shooter.


A debt of inspiration is owed to James "Jimmy" Paddock, who once again paved the way for true innovation in the Doom community. While it can be argued that this mod is just an independent recreation of his jpg.pk3 masterpiece, I'd like to think of my version as an additional peek at what's possible, taking the basic concept and pushing the boundaries in ways that James, being a pioneer amongst us, didn't have to.


This is version 5. It introduces replacements for the most important text strings found within the game, processed in the same way as the graphics. The first public release was version 3. Don't ask me where all the others are!


Another change I should probably mention is the small font - I tried to be more conservative with compression this time in order to highlight the main feature of the update. Honestly, it didn't really help all that much, but you know what they say about true art? It's supposed to be obscure.





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