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fen boi

Medium sized DM map for testing

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I have a map thats about 90% done, I'd appreciate any comments. Map details 2304x5864 symmetric map in the style of previous xfire maps. I'll send a copy to those interested.

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Cool map with decent architectures and a nice pattern, somewhat reminds me of the map, Iron Yard by Friction from Quake 3. It'd be better if you would add more eye candy into it like you did with 10sector map28 or Alien Vendetta map06, love those 2 maps a lot!

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True, the circular stairs are inspired by iron yard (a great map) while the rest of the map is an old map (sureshot) re-imagined.

At the moment i'm trying to keep the map Doom2.exe compatible, but may include a high detail version with it (just more detail, no port specific stuff like slopes or 3d-floors). I've had some good feedback about the layout and will probably send out a new version in the near future.

Note that AV map06 = xfire3, well map06 is derived from a DM map that became xfire3. Also map28 was originally twice as big, but I ran out of time, hence the overly long corridors.

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Now speaking of which, I just have downloaded xfire3 and have it checked out. Just as I thought, it amazed me as much as sp version of map06 did. 10sector map28 was perfect enough, not necessarily to be extended for now ;)

Hmm, since you're apparently such a great mapper at both styles, sp and dm, also it seems you're generally so fond of mapping for maps vanilla Doom 2 compatible. Also for your information, I don't like to have slopes/3d floors, either. Well, admittedly, sometimes I do overdo a little trying to archieve certain special visual effects such as overlaying a couple of sectors, which it'd be okay in Zdoom. At the moment, as for my project, I currently am in need of recruiting experienced mappers who would like to focus at mapping dm maps. It'll be a project of one all brand new dm megawad. What da ya say if you'd team up with me? You can have the whole year to work on, released date is going to be planned on the day of Doom's 10th anniversary, December 3.

I personally really admire your mapping skills :D

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