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[very old question]displaying map names of pwad in automap

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when i play various pwads(from hr to recently released swiftdeath, sunlust and so on), i found that only some pwads display their map names in automap, while others display the default map names of iwad(doom2).

is displaying pwad map names something that some pwads simply didn't bother to work on, or a feature only available on sourceports?

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I think it's just a matter of WAD makers simply not doing it. I seem to recall playing PWADs on Doom95 that substituted the standard Doom 2 map names for custom ones.

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It's available on vanilla Doom using DeHacked, but only modern source ports support bundling DeHacked patches into wads, so many early wads simply didn't bother.


Modern maps can achieve it using built in DeHacked patches or MAPINFO lumps.

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