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2-map wad, name pending. (working name: runic division) [Cancelled]

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As par our norm, it's a GZD map. Second map is a secret. Advise saving often until balance is in a favorable place. There's a very quick cameo of one of Kelzad's characters.


Original map music was Sehkmet from the same game.


Lots of r667 resources (mostly props and textures, but a couple of enemies fitting to the theme), and a small handful of Doom Alpha-Beta assets. (do we have a convenient alpha-beta resource wad? we need to get to compiling it)


Current complications/desired features: lightning needs rain/thunder, squid not working, general balance/gameplay issues to iron out.


known issues:

Forgot to setup the door to the exit proper; just noclip past it, you'll know.

light sequence for the inverted crosses is fubar

some decorations aren't at the proper height and clip through the floor/ceiling improperly

some cleanup of scripts, you might get puked a "unknown script 0" somewhere.


Any resources not allowed to be used; please inform me and I will replace them

Credits inside the wad, likely missed things.


bring your community chest 4 textures




Convenient links to my other maps; in order of creation from earliest to most recent:







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download of pr-1 up, report everything.

Edited by SArais

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Just posting to update the status. It's not being updated anymore. Cancelled, like every other map I have.


Message me if you want the most recent indev build.

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You didn't have to bump all of your projects that people weren't paying attention to anyway just to announce they were canceled. Could have just edited the OPs, and maybe bumped one and linked to the others. 


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