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My first level

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It's kinda cute, I have a thing for first ever wads lol.

The map is very short, too short... rooms are too spacious, there are not enough enemies, it's basically, walk into room, shoot the a couple of imps, walk into another room.

The secret was actually pretty nice, but you should of placed the secret effect on the ground not on the door when you leave it.

The textures are misaligned also... very short so there's not much i can say about it, next time make a longer wad ( or maybe edit this one and make it longer)

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You didn't specify what port should be used, so I'm going with QZDoom.


Just another newbie techbase. Can be completed in <10 seconds, literally. Completely straightforward (just hold forward and voila, you're in the exit room). Some minimal, clumsy detail. Alignment seems to be "there", but I'm not sure if that's for the better.

The nukage room looked kinda cute and ugly at the same time. That's good, for a first map.

19 monsters, Former Sargeants and Humans only. A bit monotonous. At least an Imp or Chaingunner would spice up the gameplay considerably.

I didn't notice any bugs, which is always good.


5/10 from me. Not a bad start AT ALL. Don't give up, everyone's first maps suck, that's perfectly normal. My first map was worse.

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Pretty cool layout, with some more work this could become a really nice and classic map. Cool thing it about the map are the shapes you used for the rooms, staying away from creating boxy rooms (note to self) is a good way to make something really fun and interesting. I'd say hold onto this until you got some more experience. Looks like E1M1 was your source of inspiration judging from the nukage room.

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I like the idea that you need to kill ShotgunGuy to get a shotgun. I always do the same :)


The door in the secret with imps open directly into the sky.

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