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Submit some animated GIFs!

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So, on the bottom of doomshack.org's index page, there's a rotation of random little animated gifs along with random fortunes, quotes and various words of wisdom. I was hoping you guys could submit a few more gifs to add to the rotation! Preferably under 200x200 and of a filesize less than 100kb.


It doesn't necessarily have to be Doom related either, just any funny or interesting gifs. Oldschool style gifs are the best, which is to say, little animated sprites and whatnot, but really, anything goes.


Curious to see what you guys toss my way

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Some Doom ones:




And some not quite so Doom ones that might still be suitable:





Sorry I don't have credits for any of these, most of them have been sitting around my random pictures directory for who knows how long.  I could probably also dig up a ton of Warcraft 2 related ones from old sites that I made local backups of if I went looking.


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Great gifs so far, hope to see more! (Funnily enough, the mac vs pc flame war one was already on there)


edit: Trace, I already stole your current avatar, but I'd love spinning caco, glowy eye doomguy and dimebag, they'd all fit in nicely

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So I just spent the last five minutes constantly refreshing the Doomshack page in an attempt to try and find all the different gifs. I still don't think I've found them all.


Heh, it makes me miss the changing Doomworld banner icons as well. There's something oddly enjoyable about doing that. Hunting for the crates!

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^Yet another piece of my childhood soiled by dirty, awesome, delicious booty time.  


On to my promised gif, including an early draft of my spinning cacotar (With no-spin action!) and a lost soul with glowing eyes.  I will have to remake the spinning cacotar unless you can extract it from this thing that Linguica did to Sgt. Ender's and my avatars.  @AbsorbedHatch, you should upload your spinning abbadon here.







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I don't think I have the gif on this PC, but I'll try and remake it.

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You should make a section of Doomshack where you can see all of the gifs you have so that people can go there to find cool doom related gifs.

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4 hours ago, HorrorMovieGuy said:


"RUN ON! ATOMIC RUNNER!! No enemy can put a stop to justice!"

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On 5/11/2017 at 10:27 AM, RUSH said:

I like these ones:




That is a weirdly adorable Chaos Eater!


They're still utter dick enemies though.


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tumblr_lahzuidBym1qbqqbp.gif    tumblr_mt9r1kx0iq1si6qheo1_400.gif    



panthor_and_skeletor_by_bwwd-d7w7j0b.gif                f173f60a88f93bb62195d7a81455d5e7_cute-ka



10c.gif   1433039194335.gif


Edited by roadworx

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All of these have been assimilated into the collective! There's tons of them now :)

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