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My second level

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my second level is action packed with some more monsters this time. The music for this level will be changed once ive done all 5 of my levels and put them into one wad.
I used GZDoom Builder to create this. Lost2.zip

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It was a small wad, much like the one earlier, I think you should of posted in the thread for your first level as a continuation instead of making a new thread... the rooms were kind of empty, too little monsters, very little ammo, you need to do some wall hugging to find the secrets and when you find the secret rooms they have more monsters than the main rooms you are supposed to go through, which is a bad thing, secret areas should have very little monsters or no monsters at all. The map isn't very interesting unfortunately. You should spend more time on building the maps, this one gives me an impression you made it in less than 5 minutes



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Let's get one thing clear. You have to indicate what source-port was the map tested with, not necessarily what map editor was it made with. The folks here like that. :]


Now, let's get to the map. Still finishable in <15 seconds.

1. 22 monsters. A bit more variety here, that's cool.

2. I have counted 5 different wall textures, 1 floor flat and 4 ceiling flats in your map. NOT GOOD. We (usually) like seeing some different textures, you've got like 400 of them in doom2.wad. You'd be a great addition to a certain very badass community project led by a certain very badass dude, but that's beside the point :]

3. That big room with the door was kinda nice. Big bland areas generally look better than small bland ones. However, the fact that I refer to that part of the map as to "room with the door" should make you think a bit. :]

4. Green is cool, and this map sure is green!

5. You have included some branching paths and an optional area, that's not bad.

6. Why have a secret

medikit in the exit room?? You won't need it anyway.

The other secret was a refreshing sight, OMG sky!


So overall, I can't really say if this map is better than the first one. It needs some thorough retexturing. See point 2. The gameplay and layout are a bit better, unlike the visuals.


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56 minutes ago, bzzrak said:

6. Why have a secret


  Reveal hidden contents



medikit in the exit room?? You won't need it anyway.



As a standalone level yeah the medikit is useless in there but if you read his OP he plans to put all 5 of his maps in one WAD once he's done with 'em. Planning ahead of time i suppose. o3o


Anyway, a valiant effort, keep working on making less blocky and more varied room shapes and varied height like in the later part of the level. Eventually, decide on a texture theme (just take inspiration from IWAD) for variety sake throughout the level. But green was nice here~


Keep at it!

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