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My third level

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This is one of my most enjoyable levels i have made so far, it also features some new monsters.


This map was made with GZDoom builder and used UDMF/Doom acs



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You could put all these levels in one thread,just for future advice.


I'll try them later,after I've get some sleep. Maybe I could do video for your levels?

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Some tips for improving your presentation.


Name your maps. 'My nth level' isn't really so interesting. For single map releases, I like it when the thread title has the map name and the format, for example: 'Rectalis Cruenti (UDMF map)'. But if you want, you can leave the format out and put it somewhere in the thread itself. 


Take screenshots. These often entice people to play your maps. See, based on the extremely minimal presentation, I'm assuming the map isn't good and have no interest in DL'ing it. But screenshots might convince me to at least take a peek. 


The editor you used doesn't matter, as someone mentioned in another thread. You can make vanilla maps and UDMF maps and lots of stuff in between in GZDoom builder. The format is what is important. (If you used a noteworthy editor, like DEU or that experimental programming-based editor, feel free to point that out, but GZDB is a common editor these days.) 


Some additional useful things to know in the future: 1) Whenever you don't specify an iwad and mapslot, it'll be assumed that your map plays back on Doom 2 map 01. If this is the case, you don't need to say that. But if you map plays with Doom 1 E4M7, for instance, you have to mention it. 2) Whenever you update a wad, make sure the link in the OP is up to date, instead of just linking the new version later in the thread. People shouldn't have to read every post in a thread before they even DL a wad to make sure they have the right version. 3) If you ever make a wad that is meant to be played alongside a resource wad like cc4-tex.wad (as opposed to bundling the used textures in the wad itself), don't put that resource wad in the same zip as your wad. Provide a separate link to dl it. You don't want to force someone who already has it to download it yet again. 




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Here's a ZDoom 2.8.1 demo:




(to playback, you'll need ZDoom 2.8.1, then just drag n drop the .wad and .lmp onto zdoom.exe at the same time, assuming you're in Windows)


Quite a bit more challenging than the previous maps. I like how the lack of resources pressures the player into doing some dangerous stuff. Ammo balance is good. The two main points that I think should be improved:


- The 2 barons aren't very interesting to fight with the given weaponry, especially since the layout blocks them and their attacks into their room, mostly. I recommend opening up a larger part of the wall, so that the baron room merges with the ammo box room into one large room. Also consider replacing the 2 barons with something else :P 4 HKs would be the obvious and conservative change. Or perhaps 2 mancs?


- The one secret is a tedious wallhumping exercise to find. I suggest experimenting with environmental hints, or an entirely different way to open it (for example, a very common way is to have a WR line that's kinda far from the secret, but close enough to hear it and run to it before it closes).  

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20 hours ago, Benjogami said:

(to playback, you'll need ZDoom 2.8.1, then just drag n drop the .wad and .lmp onto zdoom.exe at the same time, assuming you're in Windows)


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