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RockHardGamer 45

PSX DOOM Custom Megawad Demo 2!!

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My fall of Triton Megawad has received a load of kind support and advice and I am extremely thankful for it! So I have decided to work on the next demo level Pain (Map 16). This level I took advice from everyone else to try and make it as fun and accurate as possible. 


Improvements from other maps:

- Challenge is raised by a lot!

- A lot less boxy style rooms

- Not as Linear (Multiple paths to follow at most times)

- Ammo is more tight

- Better HUD

- A few surprises!





(Doom 2 Map 16 Pain (Fall of triton)

This level will replace Map 16. You don't need any Psx textures, sounds or music as the .wad file contains it all!

Please use Gzdoom to play this (If you want the best affects!)

A HUGE thank you to everyone who plays this! I would love some feedback to improve on future maps.

RockHardGamer 45



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