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Supposedly the DooMGuy wears his helmet the entire way through Dooms 1&2. It never looks like he does. It looks as though you have no helmet on at all.
This got me thinking: I think there should an option in Doom3 that lets you take on/off your helmet. Damage without your helmet on would be like in regular Doom-you go "Unnnhh!!" and the screen flashes red for a split-second. With your helmet on, however, it would be a lot cooler to be hurt. Imagine-you're fighting off a small group of Imps, and a stray Fireball comes flying your way out of nowhere. The Fireball smacks you straight in the face, but instead of just going "Uhhhnnn!!" and seeing the screen flash red for a brief period, the glass of your helmet visor would be cracked, or even smashed, if you got hurt too bad.
Tell me what you guys think.

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Future helmets (if any) aren't supposed to block not even a degree minute of your FOV. Anyway, I would like to see that there's one for protection (both in the face and the back of the neck). If it breaks, then just ditch it, or go around with your vision blocked by a stream of cracked hi-tech plastic.

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