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Difficulty setting adjustments via scripting?


I have a secret on a delay that requires flawless strafe running. It's a very tight window. I want to increase the delay of the door close by a few ticks for difficulties below UV(HMP? Thoughts?).


Is it possible to target specific difficulties via ACS?


If so can someone point me in the right direction?

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Yep, exactly as Graf suggests. Here's a quick example in which the door will close after 8 seconds if on UV or NM, 10 seconds if on HMP, and finally 15 seconds if on HNTR or ITYTD. It also makes the door speed fast if on a harder skill, tweak the script to your heart's content to account for seconds and also door speeds.


if(GameSkill() >= SKILL_HARD)
	Delay(35 * 8); // The very minimum amount of tics for a PERFECT strafe...
	Door_Close(tag, 64, 0); // ...with fast door close
else if(GameSkill() == SKILL_NORMAL)
	Delay(35 * 10); // Two more seconds of leeway...
	Door_Close(tag, 64, 0); // ...still with fast door
else if(GameSkill() <= SKILL_EASY)
	Delay(35 * 15); // Finally, plenty of extra time if on easy skill...
	Door_Close(tag, 16, 0); // ...and now with slow door


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