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*Level requires a source port that supports UDMF format. OpenGL rendering recommended. The level also requires jumping, crouching, and freelook.*



After getting reports of a demon outbreak in an UAC base located in Arizona, you and your squad are sent into the base to stop the outbreak, and investigate the "Project A"...


A one level WAD that's roughly 5 minutes long, with a medium difficulty. Designed to be played on UV, on singleplayer, although there are co-op spawns and the level works quite well on deathmatch. Any and all criticism of the level is welcome.



UPDATE: Added different music and fixed some minor texture errors.












*Skybox image created by u/danielthornton, all other custom textures created by me.

Edited by youraverageamir

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Map looks very cool until I ran out of memory(it's my computer issue,not wad fault). It would be great if you replace "Running from evil" in something more atmospheric,damn even "Waiting for Romero to play" fits here(I tried with idmus cheat). I replay map after I finish my exams and record video if you want. 

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