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Lost Chapter 2 (Demons Revenge)

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You killed the mighty demon lurking in the UAC base, now you have left the UAC base its time to go underground, venture through dark, claustrophobic Caves full of demons. Your next mission is to kill BloodFang the nocturnal Bat and stop the demons Plan to take over the world.


Lost Chapter 2 (Demons Revenge).zip


Credit to Tormentor667 for the custom monsters





Edited by Hellwarlord

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This secret is pointless,secrets should be rewarding,like Hangar's mega armor in damaging nukage pool or rocket launcher in Entryway level. You should study Doom/Doom II or other people wads before you draw own maps. Playing maps helps you figure out how to make everything interesting,starting with main gameplay and ending with details. As I earlier said,don't rush these wads,work more(week or two),find experienced mapper,who could help you with editing questions and sees where you made mistake. That's it. 


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I'm gonna have to agree with MysteriousHaruko for the most part.


To be fair, it's very reasonable to start your first maps small, and have only a few things in there. Kind of like E1M1 style, if you so will. And mistakes can happen here and there, that's normal I'd say. However, you shouldn't crank out tiny maps on a day by day basis, because chances are you're gonna have trouble getting used to using the more interesting functions and approaches to mapping.


"Maniac-mappers" like Skillsaw spend a year or even longer on 32 maps. Mapping is a slow process, relatively speaking of course, and that's because there's playtesting to be done, there's detailing to do when the gameplay is in place and whatnot. If you rush one map after the other like you currently do, you'll end up with a half finished product more often than not, plus your maps may lack overall polish.


Try spending a week on a map, or even better a month, and when you show it to the rest of us, be kind enough to provide some screenshots, so people can have a general idea what they're getting into.


Basically, I'd expect you to have played doom at least a little bit, so chances are there's been a map that you liked. Why not try and make a similar map, and improve on the concept of it?

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11 minutes ago, Hellwarlord said:

@MysteriousHaruko i think i removed the secret 

Just read what we said and you'll be good. You have pontention,but you need input more work. Trust us. 

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I gave this one a play expecting another episode of maps, and was a little disappointed when I exited the map to see the end game screen :( Anyways, here's my quick review for your quick map.


The part at the beginning was cool, challenging the player to make good use of their ammo for the pain elemental. I decided to use the pistol on the two lost souls before switching to the shotgun and charging in to finish off the pain elemental. The map does provide a super shotgun near the end, but I never reached it on my first playthrough because I hit the unmarked exit switch (protip: mark your exits). Am I correct in thinking you intend for the player to not kill the hell knight until the super shotgun is acquired?


The map is a bit bland, most of it is the same brown texture, and the only part that isn't uses the grey version of that texture. Doom has many dirt/rock textures for you to use, mix 'em up! If we're beneath the UAC base, stick in some pipes or old dirty equipment to spice things up further. Allow the player to access some long-abandoned and collapsing UAC rooms buried deep in the earth. If these caves are full of demons, have some fleshy/hellish textures to please them. Why not also have some liquids (slime, water, or mud) flowing out from the UAC base and into the caves?


I recommend releasing your maps as episodes rather than single maps, and improving them with the suggestions you get here. Good luck, and I look forward to your next episode.

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Cool, I liked it, felt very episode twoey, but I thought we were going into some caves... ah well, I like green marble bricks (except when I have to align the damn things).


The good:

  • Weapon progression is pretty much perfect, and ammo is never an issue.
  • Nice callback to the episode 1 boss in the secret area.
  • A neat unexpected wall-raising trap thingy in one of the maps (can't remember which one, sorry).

The not-so-good:

  • Maps are still very flat and plain. Try blending themes (for example, cave + marble or tech + hell).
  • Gameplay is too easy and simplistic for a second episode. Try making longer and more involved maps.

I think there are three key areas you need to improve in: increasing your map lengths, using height variation to its full potential, and giving each map its own identity and purpose in the episode. Also, I have to agree with both @Nine Inch Heels and @MysteriousHaruko with the point they made about putting more time into each individual map. At the moment, your maps average about 15-20 enemies each and take 2 minutes at most to finish - I would aim for 5-10 minutes per map for someone's first playthrough. Spend more time adding detail, improving encounters, adding optional areas, hiding secrets, and increasing the map's length.


I am looking forward to episode 3, and hope you take some of our advice on board. Good luck!

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