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What's your cover photo?

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I'm a big Lana Del Rey fan. Something about her music gets stuck in my head and before I know it I've listened to her a total of almost 1000 times. 


Plus that's my wife. If she'll get into relationships with a pleb like G-Eazy then I can't wait to be famous because I could totally wife that.

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Avatar: A picture of Arma,a character from the game Demon's crest,he is a general of phalanx (the bad guy army and a rival for Firebrand (the good guy) throughout the game.


Cover:Zero,the main protagonist of Megaman zero and a main character in Megaman X,that's his redesign for the Zero series series because for me MMZ >>> MMX for everything.

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27 minutes ago, Grazza said:

Mount Erebus. I was there in late 2008.

Fine place for a house IMO [/polar-bear]


Anyway, my new cover is a screenshot from my current Doom map that I'm quite fond of.

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4 hours ago, MrGlide said:

I had changed my cover photo to this picture, as I found it humorous. Hide_Seek.jpg

Did they actually do a trading card series combining Dinosaurs Attack and Mars Attacks?

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1 minute ago, Major Arlene said:

Mine is a screenshot from my one and only map that is so horribly cringe inducing dear god don't play it

*Downloads immediately



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Just a screenshot from Doom 64's Dark Citadel map in the courtyard area with the marble pillars.

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15 hours ago, cyan0s1s said:

Nothing currently.

oh nothing, just a demon


I changed my Lana cover pic to a more minimalist picture that hides the shit crop job I did on my old Morty avatar (but shhh, you can only see it against a lighter background) plus 20 kb file limit made most of my choices look like pixelated gahbage. 

Edited by Neurosis

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EDIT: lol already posted that, I'm a retard.


I want to change mine to something more orange but I can't think of anything good.

Edited by mrthejoshmon

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