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What's your cover photo?

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I dont know from what it is, but I find it in some Facebook Publication and I really love it, I like a big ton the 8-bit landscapes and this one is one of my fav! Maybe some day I shall change my cover, but for now, this one is quite special.

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An extremely fuzzy image of the de Vigenere cipher.


the greatest cable company on the planet

Is that sarcasm? I can't tell

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Username origins

First I had jplstatic over a decade ago, which was Jerry Paul Lehr then "Static" because I wanted to make music

After making music for a mod I never made called Visions of Levir, I called myself Levir

then Lokust, and Lokust Sun were the first new titles for Otherworldly before I just called it that. All these games are still the same game I never made

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A random night time landscape with a lake in a mountaneous area. I was originally looking for something game related but didn't manage to find anything satisfying, then looked for something either infernal or post apocalyptic, nothing again, and finally settled down for something basic which looks really nice as a cover imo.

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