Finally, we have just finished this project DOOM64 and PSXDoom/Final DOOM for GZDoom [GEC] Master Edition. And to
celebrate Doom's 25 birthday we have decided to release it for everyone right now! It includes Doom64, PSXDoom and
PSXFinal DOOM in pk3 format plus an edited GZDoom with new features unique to these projects.   Here the link to download: Master Edition [GEC] Update download: Master Edition [GEC]_v2   Changelog:  Fixed firing error in shotgun and super shotgun, PSX and Doom64.  New flag added in order to the player can auto-telefrag himself.  Menu pictures can be stretched to 348 and pics are added to the edges "black bars" to compesate 16:9 screen resolutions.  Fixed the double ammo bug given by the Zombie Marines when they die (Zombie Man, Shotgun Guy and Heavy Weapon Dude).   You just need to run the Bat.files to start a game. the games are previously configurated.   Source Code: the next objective about this project is to aim these features in newer official GZDoom Versions, feel free to make use of all the codes included here! Update : Source Code_v2   In a couple of days,  i will be uploading the source code on Github and will also make a documentation about all of these new features about this source port. Thanks for being waiting this project, those who are interested in this project.   Happy Birthday DOOM!