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In The Eye Of Evil--Part One

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Once there was agent assigned to destroy Hell and it's monsters. This agent was named "Cobra". She was the top agent. Cobra had got them all except one: SubbZerrio. (It's just Sub Zero spelled funny. I don't want the Mortal Combat guy kicking my ass for naming my villian Sub Zero.) SubbZerrio was the "King of Creul". Now let the mission begin!

To be continiued...

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I dunno, what your goals with this story are, but to my eye it looks like a bad excuse to spam.
This story is:
Poorly written
Completely uninteresting
Downright meaningless
Totally un-serious (it doesn't even try to be funny)
Too short to catch the reader's interest.

Anyway, there's a chance that your story might get interesting yet, so you may continue - but for the Pete's sake, write longer!

*Initiate thread lockdown*
*Thread lockdown successful*
*End of Transmission*

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