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Recommend me a .wad

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So, after a somewhat long break, i want to get into doom again. The problem is: i'm getting bored of standard doom maps faster and faster every time i play something, so i need something to rekindle my interest.


What i am looking for?

- Self contained wads that don't go over 7 maps (this is my hard limit currently), 1\2\3 maps wad preferred.

- Give me something memorable that can recapture my interest.

- Difficulty isn't too much of a problem, but wads like "swim with the whales" might be a little too much for me, especially after not playing for so long.

- Weird maps like "Void" by Cyb are welcomed.


That said, thank you in advance to whoever want to help out.

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I thought this was fun and deserves a bit more attention than it appeared to get. The difficulty does ramp up through the mapset but it's pretty manageable throughout for the average modern Doomer (doesn't go near SWTW levels anyway).



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@Summer Deep I remember this one, i downloaded it several years ago (probably ten or so), but can't actually recall if i even loaded it up correctly at the time. I might give it another try.


@Scotty Nice, i will look into it.

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@Outrageous Videos Yeah, Lunatic was pretty good, but I've already played it some years ago.


@Salt-Man Z will look into those. Is Mordeth actually good? I've always seen it more as a inside joke than an actual mapset :P (btw, that link is dead).

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Putrefier so far is pretty excellent. I haven't finished it yet, but then again I don't finish many wads.


23 hours ago, Summer Deep said:

How about this? Checked it out briefly myself, and seems pretty 'different'!



Fun fact- if this is the same Joel Huenick I'm thinking of, he went on to help create 7 Days to Die.

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Yeah, Putrefier is a pretty sweet single map.


@Cacowad The "joke" about Mordeth is regarding the release of Episodes 2+ that have supposedly been in development for 20 years. The first episode itself is a classic, and one of my favorites. I think the Speed Demos Archive has a port-friendly download package here: http://doomedsda.us/wad686.html (use the files in the "fixed" folder of the .zip).

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Couple more suggestions, some more well known than others:



Endgame (8 maps but some top mappers involved)

Suspended in Dusk

Crumpets (9 maps but they're generally really short)


Some impressive single maps:

The Eye




Saturnine Chapel



(warning some of the single maps are tough af on UV, but still very fun on HMP!)

Edited by Scotty

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Phocas Island 2


A warning though: It isn't Doom. Does that make it bad? It depends on nothing but your opinion.


It's very slow-paced and it focuses more on puzzles than in combat. Even some of the encounters require a bit of thinking rather than just shooting everything on sight. It also has cool environments, with a very good atmosphere. It feels like a journey, which actually reminds of Unreal in a way.


It seems one of those cases where some people love it and other people hate it, and both sides have valid points.


And BTW, the puzzles aren't really that hard. If you have common sense and don't rush everywhere, you're good to go.

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ZDoom Map Community Project 1 and 2 (both with only one map)

Unloved (5 maps, horror-themed mapset, beware of the difficulty)

Realms of Zoon (3 maps, fairly hard, beautiful cavern-map theme)

Wolfen for Hexen (5 maps, if you like puzzles and Hexen)

dead.air by Xaser (one loooong map)


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If you want stuff that's only 1-2 maps, try didy's early wads -- especially For Whom the Bell Tolls, Sigma, Sine Die, and Axiom. They're generally pretty short, but have a unique vibe.

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Nice, i knew i could count on the community :D. Played "running late", and it was pretty good indeed. I had to start saving on map 4 but it was well worth the experience. 


Returning to the linked maps, i know some by name and others i already played them (like "the eye" and "dead.wire"). I'll try to play them in order of suggestion.


Edit1: had some time, played waterlab on hmp, was not impressed. Never been a fan of Enjay's work tbh, and i missed the super-shotgun somehow (if there even is one in the map). Gameplay was really dull and the new monsters added nothing to the formula.
Onward to the next one.

Edited by Cacowad

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