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Books Related to Project Einherjar

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I thought it'd be best to make a separate thread relating to the book(s) upon which Project Einherjar is based, partly due to the fact that I'm having an Amazon giveaway for the next few days where three people will win a free ebook of The Helios Legacy, the first book in the series. The second book, Kingdom of Famine, is coming out in the near future.


You can read more about the books here.


Midgard Chronicles has always been a multimedia cross-project thing, and each new incarnation helped me develop and refine it further over the years. By the time I finished the five-episode version of Project Einherjar, I was itching to write further books based on the game's plotlines and characters. The one that revolves around Project Einherjar itself is currently called Last of the Ghost Lions, and depicts the Einherjar as cyber-tanks like in Episode 3's background story (the books aren't as sci-fi heavy as the mod is, so I wanted to tone it down a bit). I'm hoping to finish the first draft by the end of the month, but it's turning out to be a bigger project than I anticipated. The story mainly focuses on the events in Episode 3 of the mod, and shows the events of Episode 1 in flashback. It's kind of an episodic adventure book with Ruth Bowie as the recurring villain, and I've been enjoying writing her scenes a lot.


I'm also hoping to do narrative reboots of the stories in Episodes 2 and 4, and possibly 5.

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