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TEK-City Construction Yard (Deathmatch)

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A very simple, hopefully Vanilla compatible Map with a proper amount of balance without too much SSG slaughter. A Small map with a tall ceiling and use of silver and tech as well as urban elements all into one. Recommended for deathmatch if your looking for some height differences in usual doom maps. I made it in 2 hours basing it off this image: FTDM-Court-of-the-Storm-Lord-smaller-ver


Stupid huh? Its pretty close in my opinion:




Gameplay should Flow very nicely, as theirs hardly one thing to obstruct the player if he knows exactly where to go.


Here's some other Goodies:





I'll submit to ID games soon, but for now I'm going to just leave the download here.

Rate and give some feed back please, I've been wanting to get better with such multiplayer based maps. I'm thinking of making a TDM map next.




TEK-City Construction.zip

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