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Lost Chapter 3 (Tortured Souls)

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Finally you killed the nocturnal bat Bloodfang, You find a radio and pick it up, the voice says "HELP HELP WERE BEING ATTACKED IM A SCIENTIST RESEARCHING HOW TO DEFEAT THE MONSTERS IF ANYONE IS THERE PLEASE HELP ME". You think about it and decide to go to the Lab and help the Unknown Scientist.




This project isnt finished yet, if you encounter any bugs let me know


Level 1 has been added


Lost Chapter 3 (Tortured Souls) not finished yet....zip

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Another advice from me-post maps when you finish them - with exit,some details,monsters. And for now I can't see anything worth to play. 

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Another thing others have brought up is take a couple weeks or even a month on a map if possible.

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what happened to the second one also you seriously need to listen to people you just ignore everything everyone says and make the exact same mistakes over and over again


post screenshots. i don't care that the project isn't finished, i care about what IS finished. there is a download link, so clearly you have SOMETHING to show us so pls show it

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This is you making the same mistakes and not listening to people who give you opinions, which is what you must want by uploading it.


You MUST upload screenshots. A lot of people will not download a wad file without screenshots. I told you this on part 1, and you have STILL ignored me.


You are making the same mapping mistakes. you are rushing maps out, without thinking about how the maps actually play.


Go back to the drawing board.

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4 minutes ago, Hellwarlord said:

@Phade102 i didnt rush that map out i looked at the comments and listened to them for example the height variations and better detail

Check some forum threads where all post their screenshots from maps. Analyze them. Find your style. Play good Doom maps,draw maps on paper before you put on builder,plan them. Check videos where people do speedmaps. Here,even this helped me https://youtu.be/tyfbjQE_5HY . Height,decorations are important too. 

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9 minutes ago, Hellwarlord said:

i didnt rush that map

it's been like a day since your last "project" c'mon man


how could you possibly be mapping with such extreme and perfect efficiency without rushing your maps? take time and LEARN, plan your levels and give them care. once you have a decent grasp on basic mapping concepts and have gotten sufficient feedback on your maps, you can start practicing with speedmapping, which is a very effective way to legitimately improve your mapping ability and efficiency.



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27 minutes ago, Hellwarlord said:

@Phade102 i didnt rush that map out i looked at the comments and listened to them for example the height variations and better detail

Yeah I noticed you have spent more time on this one, and it shows. Little details like stairs can really make a difference, and the lil' slime pool was a nice touch (though you should probably add a damaging effect to it). I liked the computer panels too. It kinda reminded me of E3M9, probably because of the linear nature of the map and the backtracking element.


Gameplay is still fairly simplistic, but felt a bit better this time around. Aside from the first area, monster types are never mixed and present very little challenge. Consider mixing some low-tier monsters in with the mid-tier monsters to make things more interesting and lively. One of your pillar barons (on the backtracking part) doesn't face the door and isn't alerted until the player shoots - nothing major, but a little janky, you might want to fix that.


Almost forgot to mention: you should really think about map lengths - every map you've made so far is about as long as E1M1 in Doom, but you're 11 maps in to your project, so your levels should be taking around 5 minutes each to beat at this point. Short maps are good episode starters, but your entire episodes consist of maps that never get a chance to register with the player before they're whisked off to the next one, and before they know it, the episode is finished.


Oh, and here are some pics since "no pics = no downloads" around here apparently :-)



A cool little slime pull, but it doesn't damage the player. No secrets behind the slimefall, I checked.



I liked this tree, and the two steps leading down to it. However, the sky ceiling is a bit too low - consider raising it up.



The starting room! Why is it the third image? Because Imgur is awesome and doesn't get the concept of "order".



The final area, with a very strange step. Looks very Doom II-ey.



This is my favorite part, but you could have had some additional monsters with the spider to make things a bit more exciting!


Looking forward to the next few maps, hope you put as much time and effort into each one as you did with this! Once again, good luck!

Edited by Surreily : Added a paragraph about map length.

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Just now, Hellwarlord said:

@MysteriousHaruko i love it thanks

Just check how they made this and try find your own style. Use these videos as reference. 

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