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Egg Boy

The Ending

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Okay. So I realize that it's kind of ridiculous to post about this over a decade after the game's release, but I just recently completed Doom 3 (on Marine difficulty) and I found the ending to be extremely anticlimactic. The final maps of the game didn't feel terribly "end game-y" and the final boss, the Cyberdemon, was easy to take care of. Now, the Cyberdemon has a great design in Doom 3, very different from it's previous iterations, but pretty cool. But the fight itself was very easy and predictable. I found this to be a lack luster ending to, what I thought, was a great game. But what did you guys think? Did you like the final boss, or even the design? What about the maps before the fight?\


TL;DR: What did you think of Doom 3's final moments?

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I did think it was a little anticlimactic as well. The cyberdemon was never difficult to me, and I guess it was pretty obvious how you were suppose to kill it. My strategy was pretty much running around on the opposite side of that area and sniping the cyber with the soul cube. It was really quick and forgettable in my opinion. But the cyberdemon itself was pretty cool I think. I think a different and more strategy and an interesting level/arena would have made the fight much much better. But honestly, I didn't think it was bad.

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On 5/18/2017 at 8:35 PM, Lo_Mein said:

So I realize that it's kind of ridiculous to post about this over a decade after the game's release

On a forum dedicated to a game that is over 20 years old, this is not ridiculous. ;-)


2 minutes ago, nxGangGirl said:

But the cyberdemon itself was pretty cool I think.

The cyberdemon was legitimately scary in Doom 3!


Am I the only one who thinks the Doom 4 cyberdemon was lackluster in comparison? Its horns have been replaced with moose antlers, which look almost ridiculous. Its cyber parts look like they could just be armor, because they don't look "structural" enough (not sure what word I'm searching for there). Not to mention the whole 2-phase fight with slightly modified Maulotaur attacks...

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1 hour ago, 42PercentHealth said:


Am I the only one who thinks the Doom 4 cyberdemon was lackluster in comparison?

Er... I think the Cyberdemon fight in Doom 4 was much cooler, and harder than Doom 3's fight. I thought the design was pretty interesting. Maybe not what one would traditionally say was a Cyberdemon, but still a pretty memorable design.

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I agree, the fight was better all around. I'm just talking about aesthetic design -- the Doom 3 cyberdemon looked more, y'know, demonic. Monstrous.

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Yeah, well, that cybie was about as easy as  e2m8... :(


I think visually it was not too bad a fight, but engaging would be a "slight" exaggeration. The fight itself, compared to many other encounters in doom3, felt "slapped on because we need a boss". That's not to say doom3 was particularly deep in terms of gameplay to begin with, even some of the earlier maps in doom2 had more depth to them, and I'd play "dead simple" over doom3's cybie any day, personally.


They could have gotten a lot out of this fight, if there was more stuff going on. The moment you were at the opposite side of the arena, you practically fulfilled your win-condition to +95% and anything in regards to pressure was dealt with by way of cruise controlling the whole situation. More spawns of larger things inbetween would have been helpful, you know, a manc or a baron here and there for added pressure would have gone a long way, but basically everything there is shotgun-fodder. Terrain could also have been used in a more interesting way, a bottleneck would have been interesting for a start, or some height variation, or anything that demands "some" situational awareness...


I understand they wanted for doom3 to be more about atmosphere and whatnot, but part of the atmosphere is also actual gameplay-pressure... That being said, I think they bollocksed it up a bit. But take what I said with a grain of salt, because generally I think doom3 was mostly aimed at casuals who want a more laid-back pace when playing even on UV, and difficulty settings in doom3 were more an afterthought than anything else.

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That's funny, since I am specifically one of those players that go UV all the time even in some of the hardest megawads, yet I really enjoyed Doom 3, from the start to the beginning.


I think for anyone like me to enjoy the game, they would most likely have to be lore junkies and people who look for atmosphere rather than raw action and "more kills per minute" from a game. And this is what I liked with Doom 3. The atmosphere was spot on! Also, the weapon design was badass, and they had to re-design the monsters, big fucking whoop, they still did a remarkable job. I liked the cyber demon fight because, well, when you look at the damn thing, well... daaaaaamn isn't that one ugly motherfucker. While he did feel like a filler, what brought to the cyberdemon fight (aka travelling through hell) was pretty well done. Hell was actually hell, and it didn't resemble a cartoony hell like doom1&2 (sans all the blood and stuff), it was a very scary place, one you wouldn't like to stay in for long if you were walking there with a shotgun in hand.


In the end, Doom 3 did turn out to be a movie-like slow paced game, unlike the lightning fast doom1&2, but for lore and plot junkies, this game was great. I cannot apologize to people who expected raw action out of all of this, but hey, that is why Doom 2016 turned out like it turned out to be. Good enough for both lore and action junkies at least :DDDD

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