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Please take care of your health. (a Rant)

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I'm not sure if I can post this kind of thing, but they said only post if I actually got something to say. So what the hell...


Long story short, I've been restless for like, 4 days. Lack of sleep (3 hours/night) with no daytime nap due to doing my map and other thing in real life. I started to feel my my body is rejecting my brain, can't think straight etc. But I feel the need to carry on. I got more stuff to do.


Haven't get my medication for weeks either. I started to hearing them again, let's just hope I didn't so something stupid again like jumping off the bridge just to  know the fact that I can swim again or something.


But I've seen my friends achieving something good or reaching higher level made me competitively jealous. And made me want to push even more harder getting to the same height. It's feel like, comparing to them, I am the worst guy in the circle. That kinda driven me to ignore my current conditiion. Maybe I should take a break once in a while. Like I always do. take a picture or something, maybe I can make a better map out of it. I always know my stuffs are shit anyway.


so yeah, to everyone feel the same way, pelwase take care of yourselves, your health and so on. people need you somewhere.


Rick out.


Sorry for wastinh your time readinf this thoufh.

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By the looks of it, you should find a trustworthy person to talk to. Since I know nothing about you personally, and only have a few letters on the screen here, that's really the only advice I feel can give you, aside of trying not to push yourself too hard, which you already seem to understand naturally.


EDIT: On a side note: I like to believe that whatever it is that other people achieve, does not necessarily have to be a benchmark for myself, or anybody else, for that matter. I think the healthiest way of living is the kind of way that makes you feel like you're "at peace" with yourself. If that makes any sense.

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^ Completely, utterly agree ~ I learned a while back not to worry myself about how I compared to other people - you need to focus on everything you've done right and smile through it.


Sadly, despite having a friend in a similar situation, I can't provide much further help than that... but just remember, you're not going through it alone. There are many like you.

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