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Fury, Hatred, and Dead Demons-Part 1

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You alk into the seemingly deserted building. It looks like it was once some sort of administration building, but by the look of the walls, ceiling and floor that was long ago.
The Demons' evil presence has warped the reality of hte building. What once was an ordinary floor is now made of flesh and blood. You see several crucified Marines hung upside-down from the ceiling. Blood is dripping slowly from there. The lightign of the building has suffered, due to the Demons' rampaging. The lights now strobe on and off, a couple seconds at a time, making it hard to see where you going. Looking behind the adminstration desk in front of you, you see a dead Marine. In his hands is a Plasma Rifle. "Thank goodness," you mutter to yourself. Looking down at the Marine's dogtags, you see the name Kale, Jackson. "Thanks, Jack", you whisper quietly. Taking the PR in your hands, you slip silently down the coridor to your right. Here, there is no light. Complete darkness. Complete silence. But you know that within a minute or so, they'll come out of hiding to attack you. All down the length of the corridor on both sides, you see doors. You try the first one on your left. It's locked. Good. You try the rest of the doors and they're all locked. On some of the doors, if you look close enough, you see claw-marks and giant hand-imprints. Strangely, you feel absolutely no fear.
You see a set of stairs at the end of the corridor, and walk, slowly, up them. There are several dead Marines, mutilated beyond belief. You walk along the walkway that the stairs led up to. Suddenly, a strange movement catches your eye. A shadow. The Shadow barks at you. You don't even flinch, for you know what it is-a Spectre. You fire off a couple of PR Rounds, and the things falls back with a thump!
What lies in store for you next? Well, just wait!!

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