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Doom wad with trenches at the end

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The plot is in the textfile that is included in the downloadable zip file !

This one is better than my previous wad, it's longer, more difficult ( It took me 6 tries to complete it ) and cooler, you start off with small corridors, rooms, weird labs, simulation rooms and then get to armories, big rooms, open spaces and... the best thing - the final stage which is a big area with trenches, towers, LOTSA monsters so you really gotta duck in those trenches which makes it fun, I don't see much wads that have that sort of thing so i put it in the title, thought some people may find it interesting.




check out the sreenshots also






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Also, i just realised that on the screenshots with trenches you don't see many monsters, that's because you need to press a button, then the fun will begin so don't get put off by that

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I just played it, it was pretty fun. In the beginning I had to jump to get into the small window out of the rock area (you said it was vanilla compatible so it may be a bug). I enjoyed it though it looked nice and had a fun ending. Full disclosure: I played GZDoom + Brutal Doom as I usually do these days for vanilla wads.

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Oh dang, I forgot vanilla doom means no jumping x_x I use zandronum and there's an option to allow jumping... and in fact it has jumping set as default

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i played this, nice wad here, the beginning is challenging on uv because of the zombies and it has some interesting fights (like the room where the chaingunner only have one way to leave without blowing up barrel), the last fight i didn't need to go into the trenches because i could aovid all the monster attacks from surface, i think if you want people to go down there it should have more monster with unavoidable attack (zomibe/archvile/spider) so they can't just dodge them


another thing i liked about this level is that it doesnt make you fight the high health monster with weaker weapons, it gives you the plasma early in a secret and ssg soon after, so you dont need to kill baron/cacodemon etc with the pump shotgun


the level could use some more lighting (everything is very bright, but the dark area after indoor space has good lighting), and there are some weird textures:



1- there is hellflesh texture in the middle of the base, is it supposed to be there?


2- very strange textures in this secret


also, there are many places where stone texture/flat is right next to metal ones and looks out of place, maybe you should separate it with height variation or outcroppings from the wall so that it looks more pleasent


any way, nice wad, keep it up

Edited by xdarkmasterx : ingur update

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thanks for playing and yeah I can't force you to go to the trenches obviously but when I test played it I found them useful, but yeah you could avoid it all lol.

To adress your texture questions:

1 - Yeah, it was supposed to be a sort of wallpaper/picture wall because monsters like umm... monsters

2 - They're supposed to be like that because it's a secret and technically you aren't supposed to be there LOL ( that's kinda my definition of secret ), I was trying to be creative with it


I tried to have a variety of textures, a problem I have when I make maps is that for some reason I feel pressure to make EACH room interesting but at the same time I know it's a room you'll be in for max. 3 seconds so I also try to not overkill the placement of stuff in rooms. I had some trouble alinging the textures, yeah, I kinda ignored it because I thought nobody will notice it anyway. 

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I thought the crazy textures in the secrets were kind of cool, like a lo-fi version of flashes of insanity/hell really starting to take over. Also I have a softspot for fullbright cement and blue techbases. And the lighting in that one room with the long cast shadows was also cool. I agree about the trenches, I like them but I didn't really use them strategically since it's not my style. I did have fun tossing BD grenades into them though.

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