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Cyber Scurry - an (early) Birthday WAD! (also kinda a Dead Simple clone)

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Sooooo, it's my 16th birthday in two days, and as I have an English exam + celebrations that day, I thought I'd set aside for today and make a WAD! It's...



A Dead Simple clone




If you like high-adrenaline projectile-dodging and quick thinking, this is the single-level .WAD (Where's All the Data?) Doom Data File for Doom II: Hell on Earth (released 1994) for you!


Okay, so I got sick of meticulously designing every encounter ever in all my WADs and making sure every little detail reflected the mood I wanted to give off etc. and never actually getting round to releasing anything, so here! I threw it together in one day!


+Includes lots of variety between difficulty settings, and half-assed Deathmatch/Multiplayer balancing.







Okay... it is WAY more substantial than just Dead Simple with a different layout, honest! I tried really hard to get screenshots that give an idea of the challenge... by basically just trying to get as many projectiles in the shot as possible...



Compatibility: Vanilla

Game: Doom II

Level: Level 7: Dead Simple


Bugs Despite its bare detail, it actually causes giant HOMs to pop in out of thin air in Vanilla Doom, when all of the platforms are lowered. I think it's a SEGS error?


V3: [Download] (Gave you a BFG or two, because 100 rockets is a lot)

V2: [Download] (Added more ammo so you don't have to fight Cyberdemons with a pistol)

V1: [Download]

I even included a .txt guide in V1-2 for doing a perfect run! How thoughtful of me, right? But then I realised how pretentious it was!


Edited by Kapanyo

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7 minutes ago, Kapanyo said:

I even included a .txt guide for doing a perfect run! How thoughtful of me, right?


It would be even more thoughtful to include the wad too. :P 

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Are you boondoggling me


All that effort goes into fancy advertisement and Onedrive refuses to do anything


Gimme a moment, folks...

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Just now, Nine Inch Heels said:

Y U no dropbox dat bad boi? ;-)

because I'm new to the actually-releasing-wads game ;___;

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well HOPEfully it w0Rks this time!

Guess who forgot to drag the .WAD file into the .zip?





(Thanks for bearing with me <_< )

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After the embarrassment that this thread has been so far, I've decided to release a V2 already! The only difference is that this version gives you waaaay more ammo... y'know, so that you don't have to fight two Cybers with a pistol.

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I was going to mention that the cybers would be a lot more fun to kill if the two berserks were four BFGs instead. Or even just two BFGs, so you could two-shot one. I decided to skip them instead of rocket them down, since there was no need to.

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Yeah, it's true that defeating the Cybers takes years to do, as it takes like 100 rockets or something to kill 'em both.

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If it's any consolation, you're not the only one who has messed up his 16th birthday WAD several times. :[


First, this WAD has some fat drawseg overflows, but is still playable in vanilla. I've found that out the hard way, heh.

So your WAD is limit-removing.

Attached a demo, recorded on HMP, using Chocolate 2.3.0. I died several times because I suck at cyberdemons.

Nice map, I liked it a lot. Making a map like that would've taken me a month, heh.

16 out of 16 from me, happy birthday. :]



11 hours ago, Kapanyo said:

included a .txt

I didn't see any txt in the zip...


Edited by bzzrak

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Thanks, bzzrak! ^^

Thanks for the advice, I'll update the description!



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