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Who here remembers Leprechaun?

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Pac-Man, this is not not. Even for very young children, this game is far too easy, and you can theoretically play it for all eternity as it just endlessly loops (to my knowledge there isn't a kill screen). One of the advertisements promises that it will keep children entertained for "3 to 5 minutes". I remember playing this at an arcade for maybe about 20 minutes one time, until I decided that I'd had enough. Personally, I think the most entertaining thing about this game is the way you and the leprechaun both implode out of existence when you collide with one another. It may be a bit slapdash, but at least there's nothing actively obnoxious or cynical about it. Which is more than I can say about a lot of modern triple A titles. 

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I remember this game being on a very small "children's" cabinet. I think SNK also made some cabinets like these.

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I thought this would be about the movie.

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