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More accurate difficulty level names

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1. What do you mean I have to shoot?

2. Hey Don't shoot! I'm reloading!

3. Paintball is fun, lets try it with real guns

4. *Listening to Sonic Mayhem while aggressively studying*

5. Cut my Quake 4 lookin legs off and I'll still hurl a few green flying boulders


Brought to you by difficulty names with no sense

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1. For Gaming Journalists

2. For Your Younger Siblings

3. For New Doom Players Starting Out

4. For Veteran Doom Players

5. For John Romero's Sadistic Wet Dreams



4. The Only One Mappers Focus On.

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1. I map for Brutal Doom with custom Realm667 enemies and weapons added and call it a TC because I think its cool

2. I map for UDMF, feature creeping my levels so people don't call me out and say I could've made it in PrBoomsday3d+ risen compatible formats. I add a shit ton of scripting, dynamic lights, colored sectors, particle effects, ambient sounds with lackluster gameplay elements because i was too focused on making my map to appease the veteran mappers and newbies alike. I like to map with what is given to me and soemtimes add additional textures, though adding custom things ruin my probability of loading mods

3. I map for Doom in HeXen format, Despite that UDMF can do alot of the things easily meanwhile I have to do a ton of shit to achieve the same effect and even bother using ACS in a much more difficult format and I like ZDaemon. I like using Bridge things as well. Customizavble parameters without actions line ID's are a sin and ruined doom

4. I map for Boom/MBF, Using player dummy sectors for everything and calling it "scripted", scrolling floors, no jump or crouch, I must fake the 3D floor to keep port compatibility despite its shitty behaivor in multiplayer. This is the ultimate format because I hate mp4's and enjoy watching other do speed runs lol. ACS and 3D floors are what ruined doom

5. I map for limit removing/Vanilla, strictly enabling infinitely tall actors and disable jump/crouch for advanced ports. Scrolling floors are a sin, I use self referencing sectors when i could easily use a specific line action found in Boom. generalized actions are a sin and what ruined doom


At this point it isn't even difficulty settings, just saying sterotype shit that isnt even correct

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How good are you at video games?



2. Recommended for game journalists

3. "Power armor is for   p u s s i e s" -Gorgeous Freeman

4. Normal difficulty



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1. I just wanna take a nice stroll through hell while eating my food, thank you very much.

2. Im gonna jog through hell, but I'll carry more than enough water for it.

3. Jogging through hell at a decent pace, with just enough water for the trip.

4. I should've brought more water, but it'll be alright as long as I can manage it well.

5. One bottle and sprinting is all I need, I have to go eat dinner by 5!





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1. So much absinthe, I'm legally blind.

2. One and a half glasses of red wine, warm and merry.

3. My body is a temple.

4. Hyped up on caffeine for a bit of the old ultraviolence.

5. My refrigerator is trying to kill me.

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1. The difficulty no one plays and neither will you.

2. Mapper probably didn't test this. Enemy count is the same as 4.

3. Wait, there's actually a normal difficulty? Enemy count is the same as 4.

4. The difficulty everyone plays out of pressure or to maintain their hardcore pride.

5. You're not going farther than a single map, let alone the first room.

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1:Do people actually play this?

2:I should be playing this!

3:The one I play and map for.


5:No thanks.

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1. Maybe I should go for a walk.

2. It ain't no Paintball here.

3. I'm not getting soft yet!

4. The Perfect Experience™ .

5. Die in Fire.

Edited by Agent6 : Better names.

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9 minutes ago, Grain of Salt said:

Wow, this thread sucks.

1. I'm Too Young To [PROTOTYPE]

2. Hey, Not Too hardcore_gamer

3. Doom Marine Me Plenty

4. Sigviolence

5. AndrewBmare

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Why did this thread suddenly get resurrected? No offense, but I feel it got stale after the first few responses. Other people managed to be much wittier than my list, anyhow.


On 12/27/2017 at 3:50 PM, Grain of Salt said:

Wow, this thread sucks.

Yes, indeed. My life is full of regrets. :P


Perhaps we can steer it in a more interesting direction:

On 5/22/2017 at 5:51 AM, Graf Zahl said:

That's just stupid community conventions that have been preventing proper use of skill levels in far too many mods.

That convention is there because it reflects the difficulty of the original two IWADs (I hardly count Final Doom as an official part of the series, cool as it is).


Honestly, you can't tell me that UV in Doom 1 at least is actually hard. Challenging, yes, but quite fair and doable so long as you maneuver around threats, make efficient use of items and ammo, etc, then it really is a walk in the park. It's like dancing, once you get the hang of it, the challenge is more in keeping your energy, attention and reflexes up to snuff, rather than the actions themselves being difficult.

Edited by Blastfrog

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1) Dig my grave please.

2) Take it easy man

3) Let's party.

4) Let's have a shell shower

5) They call me: The Reaper!!!

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1. Ancient Aliens

2. <unreserved>

3. Plutonia Experiment

4. No Rest for the Living

5. Knee-deep in the Dead

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1. I like to watch.

2. I finally got my pubes.

3. I'm over 30, I've got arthritis in my fingers

4. My pistol's only my second-most important tool.


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1. Can this be any easier?

2. Why am I getting half as much ammo?

3. Where did all these new monsters come from?

4. Even more monsters? Uh-oh!

5. Why won't they just die?!?

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1. I'm just trying to learn the game, but at the same time being swamped by demons is not my idea of fun.

2. I think I know what I'm doing(?), but I'll stay on the safe side.

3. DOOM.wad and DOOM2.wad

4. I like me a good challenge, bring it on!

5. I mock people for playing at anything lower than 4, not to mention I'm a complete masochist and Pistol-Start all secrets/items speedrunner.

6+. why

Edited by kinker31

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I like the pretty look of these levels
I want to get shot at
Normal Mode
What everyone else tells you to play and you should feel ashamed if you don't
A meme that needs to die.

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1.) Helen Keller speedruns this.

2.) A corpse suspended in mid-air with a pully system.

3.) Start paying attention.

4.) The only way to play.

5.) You got jokes....

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